Employee Emergency Loan Fund

We administer the Employee Emergency Loan Fund (EELF) which is designed to assist employees in financial crisis who have exhausted all means of obtaining financial assistance in an emergency. The EELF was established and funded by donations from university employees, employee groups, and friends. No state or other university moneys are used by this fund.

Application criteria is established by the EELF Advisory Committee which is made up of university faculty and staff. An EAP counselor receives and screens all requests before presenting the request to the EELF Advisory Committee. No names are presented to the Committee. Loans are approved or declined by this group.

broken piggy bank

To qualify

You must be a non-probationary, regular university employee. Certain application requirements will need to be met.


You can borrow up to $1,000 which is interest free and is paid back by payroll deduction.

To apply

Contact the EAP at eap@unl.edu, 402.472.3107 or 1.888.445.9881.